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Olsztyn Frigate

Zuzanna - February 2021

Naturally in Warmia A large number of natural materials in this interior were introduced by the architect for an eternity of an apartment. Anyway, in the Land of a Thousand Lakes, it simply falls out to be inspired by nature! Solid chairs and a table by the beautifully Nutr brand are a real decoration of the heart of the house – the dining room. WITH from here you can smoothly go to the living room and kitchen. The kitchen was simply varnished fronts in a non-obvious shade, hidden system solutions are hidden behind the concealed ones facilitating everyday functioning. A 12mm laminate was used on the top Compact by Arpa having a black core that is beautifully presented in the graphics his connections lines. The bathrooms of the apartment have been refined in every detail. Both are kept in the same neutral, subdued color range. One of the highlights was a passion tenants to Masuria and sailing – introduction of marine programs such as accents like an oar on the wall or a print on glass reminiscent of a frigate.

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